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About Me


Who are you?

Dominic Coleman, and I live in North Dorset, England, with my wife and son.

… and your job?

I’m a graphic designer that creates interactive training through a variety of multimedia outputs.

What is the earliest automotive memory?

Being driven home in the back of a purple Mk1 Ford Capri with a black vinyl roof and rear window slats! I was about 5 years old then and the car belonged to a neighbour.

How did the interest in cars begin?

I used to like drawing cars and vans and then painting murals and graphic paint jobs on them. But the intrest evolved more from my first purchase of Custom Car magazine in March 1983 followed by Street Machine, July 1983 (RIP) and Chrome and Flames, which was excellent for bedroom wallpaper and book covers. Street Machine was bought continuously for over 20 years until its demise in 2004 and Custom Car was bought again from 1995.

… and drag racing?

I remember reading the drag racing reports in Custom Car and being being drawn in by the colour pictures of the American dragsters. Then, in May 1983, a flyer in the local newspaper advertised drag racing at Blackbushe airport so I badgered Dad to take me along. I went twice more and the Dragfest of September 1984 was my last visit to Blackbushe and drag racing for a while.

Did any one help nurture this interest?

None of my family was interested, except that I had a grandfather who was an engineer but he passed away early on in my interest. John Hunt, who worked at a transmission shop in Aldershot, gave encouragement after we talked at a show in Guildford where he was displaying his ‘Gold Digger’ dragster. I even had Dave Wilson’s (Krypton TAD or lately American Imports/Siverline TMD) phone number at one time, but he was never about when I phoned. I moved from the North West Surrey area in 1985 and all links were lost, even Custom Car magazine went off track (around 86-87) so I stopped buying that.

What about other car interests?

I became a member of Capri Club International from 1989 to ‘98, the most memorable Capri shows being Brean ‘89, CC Summer Camp ‘94/’95/’96 and Capri Mania ‘96. For the next 4-5 years it was Ford Fair, Capri Club and classic car shows that I attended as a member of various Capri Clubs (Dorset, Hampshire, Thames Valley, South Dorset and Avalon). I had some of my best moments in life with the Avalon Capri Club, but that’s another story. I also watched British Touring Car and historic car racing at Thruxton a few times but circuit racing didn’t really appeal to me. Surrey Street Rodders’ Wheels Day has been on my agenda yearly since 1992 and only missing out on 2003.

So, what are your favourite cars?

I like 60s/70s UK Fords and American muscle cars. I love the look of the Zakspeed Capri Gp5 racer from the late ‘70s to early ‘80s and the Sierra RS500. Something more modern would be a Dodge Viper GTS or TVR Chimera.

Are there any memorable automotive moments?

  • Sept 2010: Andy Carter setting a new Top Fuel ET record of 4.57sec at the FIA European Drag Racing Finals.
  • June 2007: Seeing my young son’s eyes light up with amazement after seeing Andy Frost do a demo burn-out in his Red Victor 2 at the first 'Sunday Street Wars' near Honiton.
  • May 2005: Tommy Möller’s 308mph at Santa Pod.
  • Oct 2004: Witnessing John Sleath’s Audi hit 180mph on the quarter mile at the UK Nationals in Street Eliminator (treads, mufflers etc...)
  • Prior to that, writing off my MkII Capri @ 50mph without incurring an injury.

What lies ahead [as at Mar 2017]

The beetle had made it on the to do list during 2010, however, it was decided by myself that the Corsair would be easiest to get back into a road worthy condition. Back in 2011 I started a blog to try and give myself some motivation and give you some further details about the car.